The 11th International Workshop
on Critical Currents in superconductors

University   Centenary Hall              
July 28 - 31, 2003
College of Humanities and Sciences
3-25-40 Sakura-josui, Setagaya-ku,
Tokyo, 156-8550  Japan

Organized by the Graduate School of Basic Integrated Sciences,
and the Institute of Natural Science, NihonUniversity, Tokyo, Japan.

Endorsed by International Superconductivity Technology Center
Cryogenic Society of Japan
Superconductivity Division, Japan Society of Applied Physics

Workshop co-chairman
Takeo Takizawa                
Nihon University                      

Masato Murakami
Superconductivity Research Laboratory
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Superconducting Materials Laboratory Prof.

Program chairman

Teruo Matsushita
Kyushu Institute of Technology


IWCC11-2003 is the eleventh of a series of workshops on flux pinning and critical currents in superconductors, the first of which was organized in 1974.   IWCC focuses on fundamental aspects of flux pinning, critical currents, pinning centers in both high and low temperature superconductors.  The format is quite different from a regular workshop in emphasizing extensive discussions of the participants.  The schedule will consist of invited lectures, oral presentations and poster presentations.


(1) Flux pinning and pinning mechanism
(2) Flux creep and flux dynamics
(3) Microstructure
(4) Critical currents
(5) Bulk Materials
(6) Conductors


The conference will be held at College of Humanities and Sciences, Nihon University situated in the center of Tokyo.  Many economic hotels as well as luxurious ones are located near the University.

Call for Abstracts and Papers

The workshop will consist of both oral and poster presentations.  Conference proceedings will be published.   Prospective authors to participate in the workshop are invited to submit a 300 - 500 word abstract to the address below not later than May 6, 2003.  The complete abstract should include the title (capitalized and centered), authors names (initial and full last name: underline the presenting author), affiliations, mailing addresses (including e-mail address) and a 300 - 500 word text.

Edmund Soji Otabe (secretariat)
Kyushu Institute of Technology
Kawazu 680-4, Iizuka, Fukuoka, 820-8502 Japan
Tel/Fax  +81-948-29-7683  


The conference fee including the registration, pre-conference reception, coffee/tea, a conference banquet will be 20,000 yen for Japanese and 150 US$ for foreign participants.  A student conference fee will be 6,000 yen and 50 US$.  No fees for the accompanied persons.


Dr.Takizawa Murakami
Takeo Takizawa
Nihon University
Masato Murakami
Superconductivity Research Laboratory

Program committee

Kozo Osamura(Kyoto University)
Norio Kobayashi(Tohoku University)
Tsuyoshi Tamegai(Tokyo University)
Junichi Shimoyama(Tokyo University)
Takanobu Kisu(Kyushu University)
Naomichi Sakai(Superconductivity Research Laboratory)

Organizing Committee

Takeo Takizawa (Nihon University) chairman
Takuya Hashimoto(Nihon University)
Hiroki Takahashi(Nihon University)
Edmund Soji Otabe(Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Masato Murakami
(Superconductivity Research Laboratory)

Kazumasa Iida(Superconductivity Research Laboratory)
Naomichi Sakai(Superconductivity Research Laboratory)
Miryala Muralidhar (Superconductivity Research Laboratory)
Anming Hu (Superconductivity Research Laboratory)
Masaru Tomita (Railway Technical Research Institute)


A. M. Campbell
A. F. Clark
D. Dew-Hughes
D. K. Finnemore
P. H. Kes
T. Matsushita
V. Pan
H. W. Weber
P. Komarek
F. Irie
K. Yamafuji

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